Automotive Woodworking

Car Woodworking, Auto Wood Trim, Wood Dash Boards

Unless you are familiar with the early cars and coach building you may not realize how essential a skilled automotive woodworker is in the car restoration process.

Automotive Woodworking

The early car body builders were nothing more than carriage builders commissioned to create a body to evolve along with the mechanical inventions and their development. Most structural auto wood was done with air dried white ash, the reason is air drying, though time consuming, creates a very stable material along with the long tight grain common to the ash tree. L’cars has worked with local sawmills to ensure we have a supply of quality ash needed for restoration or complete body builds. We use the proper techniques to duplicate the methods the particular coachbuilder used when the car was being built. The use of stainless steel screws and modern epoxies are the only improvements we make.

The automotive wood interior trim, auto window garnish moldings, wood dash boards, liquor cabinets, vanities and trim panels are made of the best and appropriate woods and veneers. We also do restoration of interior wood for Rolls Royce, Jaguar, American and European Classics and sports cars. We work with the finest products to ensure the correct clarity of the top coat to match the period finish of the marque and era.