Chassis Restoration

Hot Rod, Street Rod, Exotic Car, Muscle Car, Collectible Car Restoration

Chassis restoration is completed to insure a safe reliable vehicle for touring. Brake systems, suspension and steering components are critical to your safety and driving enjoyment. We replace coil and leaf springs as necessary to insure proper factory height and ride height anticipating load and expected usage. Steering boxes are rebuilt with new bearings, tie rod ends king pins or balljoints are replaced or rebushed. Brake linings are installed and fitted to the brake drums for proper footprint. Brake cables are replaced with new cable and properly swedged and soldered ends. Hydraulic brakes require new hoses, lines, proportioning valves wheel cylinders and master cylinders. Replacement, rebuilding or re-sleeving is performed as needed. Mild steel or stainless steel Exhaust systems and correct authentic wiring harness are hand built and custom fit to the chassis. If a reproduction harness is available and more cost effective we will offer that option. Wheels are straightened, relaced, repaired, plating of wire wheel hubs and rims are done before relacing with stainless steel spokes. Tires are readily available for most application however none of them are perfectly round or TRUE. We have a Truing machine to bring your tires into proper balance, symmetry and recommend Nitrogen inflation. Transport tie down hooks can be added during your chassis restoration as well as Battery disconnect added for safety.