Engine Building

Engine Restoration, Custom Engines, Hi-performance Engines

We have been rebuilding engines for restorations as well as custom engines for Hi- performance applications. We are experienced with two-stroke and four stroke engines. We have rebuilt engines for: Messerschmitt, Morgan, Jaguar, Bugatti Twin cam, V-16 and V-12 Cadillac, Packard, Rolls Royce, Daimler, Talbot, Delahaye and virtually all European and American engines. Dyno tuning and chassis dyno tuning are essential to producing dependable driving experiences. Our Hi-performance engines are backed by our close supplier ties for the latest in technology.

We have just finished the installation of the Supercharged LS9 Corvette engine in a clients 57 Chevrolet project, and have just completed three tours with the Massive Daimler Double- Six sleeve valve V-12. We have also just finished tuning on a 596 in Hemi running on E85 and Nitrous Oxide generating approx 1200 RWHP. A 496 cu.in. BB Chev with 92 octane pump gas, streetable 630 horsepower.

Engines are also in many of our client’s cars and we are currently working with several manufacturer CRATE engine packages. Call us to discuss your engine rebuilding needs, we will be eager to share our experience with suppliers and packages we have used.

Engine RebuildingEngine RebuildingEngine RebuildingEngine Rebuilding