Antique Car Restoration and Special Interest Car Restoration

Muscle Car Restoration, Milestone Car Restoration, Truck Restoration

Antique and Special Interest Car Restoration is done to the exacting standards of the Marque club.

Antique Car Restoration

Special Interest Car Restoration includes all Muscle car restoration, Milestone Car restoration as well as collector Truck restoration. We have restored Muscle Cars to factory authentic standards. Muscle Cars are for the most part much easier to restore mainly due to the aftermarket supply business. Collector Trucks are gaining in popularity and the support of truck parts and truck accessories make collector truck restoration much simpler than years ago. Foreign cars, Sports Cars or Touring Cars also have a very good parts support system aiding in the touring car restoration process. Jaguars, Alfa Romeo, MB, Morgan, Triumph, Austin Healy, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari are among some of the Marques we are well experienced in performing complete car restorations and maintenance for.