Automotive Appraisals

Classic Car Appraisals, Collectible Car appraisals, Street Rod appraisals

Robert Lorkowski has 35 years Automotive Appraisal experience as well as expert court witness experience. Classic car Appraisals, Custom car appraisals, Truck appraisals, Military vehicle appraisals, Street Rod appraisals, Hot Rod appraisals, Exotic Car appraisals, Vintage Car appraisals should be done by a Certified appraiser.

Automotive Appraisals

In most court actions the appraisers affiliation with a respected Appraisal Organization is paramount. Robert Lorkowski is a founding member of the International Automotive Appraisers Association #10018129 and holds Candidate status with the American Society of Appraisers #003418.

Robert Lorkowski is available for International and Nationwide Automotive and Specialty car Appraisal. Pre purchase inspection, post purchase verification, Insurance evaluations for Market Value and Replacement Value services are provided. IRS valuations, estate liquidations, automobilia/petrolania and vintage part Appraisal. It is my experience that many of the cars bought at auction and on e-bay are not as represented. I am not saying the authenticity is always in question, I would prefer to see a clone and have a safe vehicle than to see a client buy an automobile and use it on the highway before a thorough safety inspection. Most cars are not ready for safe driving and the AS-IS statements seem to cover the sellers liability. It seems there is a lack of honor when the sale is final.

Please if you are contemplating purchasing a car you are not familiar with find someone who is, do your homework and thoroughly inspect and test drive the car to make sure it is what you want. If you cannot do it, then hire a professional auto appraiser. For information contact me.