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If your interests are in the Classic Era, as defined by the Classic Car Club of America, in the Certified Milestone Cars, a favorite car from your youth, or a Custom Automotive Project you have pondered for years in your mind, L'CARS is your one stop facility for auto restoration and custom metal fabrication for collectible cars, street rods, hot rods, exotic cars, muscle cars, vintage race cars and all other automobiles.

Our team of automotive craftsmen have prepared cars for touring and the show field. L'CARS staff has experience from the smallest import cars such as the Best of Show winning Messerschmitt to the Largest Daimler Double Six Sleeve Valve V-12 Royal Limousine another multiple Best of Show winner.

Our in house design team can take your ideas and turn them into a working drawing to aid the wire form process and eventual evolution to seeing your idea turn into a full scale three dimensional mock up. Our Custom Metal fabricators can work with all metals from stainless steel moldings, brass radiator shells, aluminum body panels, steel fenders and bumpers, magnesium components, copper and pot-metal.

WI Auto Restoration Shop
This shop has received designation as a trusted member of Hagerty’s Expert Repair Network

Hagerty is the global leader for collector car insurance, providing coverage for over 1 million classic vehicles across the United States, Canada, and the UK. Hagerty established the Expert Repair Network to provide classic owners with access to the very best repair shops in the industry.

Our auto machine tools enable us to not only create or restore the mechanical components which have been ravaged, by time and use, but also provides us with the capability to create the custom tooling needed for our custom sheet metal fabricating department.

Custom chassis and custom suspension fabrication as well as custom exhaust and fuel tanks are all built to specific applications. We are also dealers for several custom chassis manufacturers if it is more cost effective for your project.

Most Classic Era and antique cars were framed in Ash before the metal body panels were installed; there are usually rotted portions and sometimes entire sub structures needing restoration or replacement. Our auto wood working department can create those needed structural parts as well as fine cabinetry and veneering of the most elegant interior wood trim. We also do interior auto wood repair and trim for many Rolls Royce and Jaguar interiors.

Our automotive paint and auto body craftsmen will work with the best products available to provide a perfect, durable finish which carries a manufacturer’s warranty as well as the L'cars guarantee. We are an environmentally responsible and certified facility being compliant with all state and federal guidelines for paint application and waste handling.

Our automotive upholstery department can replicate the finest hand stitched door pulls or machine sew through multiple layers of leather or canvas for suspension stops. We work with the finest of flawless leather hides that are treated to aviation specifications. We use the finest fabrics for car upholstery restoration or custom auto upholstery the best in wool broadcloths, Mohair, Bedford Cord, Imported Mohair, wool velvet, Wilton wool carpet, square weave carpet, velour carpets, and loop carpets. Custom stitched convertible and roadster tops as well as Muscle Car era vinyl tops are crafted and installed of the finest materials available.

Engine rebuilding as well as transmission rebuilding and differential rebuilding are not only rebuilt but run in on a Chassis Dyno-mometer and tuned before the first road test. Engine rebuilds have ranged from the smallest 2 stroke engines, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo. Packard, Rolls Royce, V-12 and V-16 Cadillac, Daimler Sleeve –Valve, Jaguar, Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, REO, Case, Hudson, Franklin Pierce-Arrow, and our latest is a 596 Cu. In. Aluminum HEMI running on E-85 and Nitrous Oxide.